Mary-Jane Pilgrim lives in the historical hamlet of Selwyn, Ontario (near Lakefield, Bridgenorth and Peterborough) where she maintains her home studio.  As a stained glass artist with over 25 years of experience, she loves the challenge of designing new pieces or repairing pieces that need a little attention.

MJ is extremely enthusiastic about her work and that passion shows in every piece she creates. Every one of her works is hand crafted, with an attention to detail that is rarely surpassed by any other stained glass artist. From conception to completion every detail is scrutinized. Her lines or “joins” are made to be as smooth and flowing as possible. Glass is carefully selected for appropriate colour and texture to ensure that the resulting artistry connects with  her audience.


Stained glass art is a labour-intensive process, but the beautiful completed results do speak for themselves.  The art that I create with your input is a unique reflection of your thoughts and interests and anything worth doing is worth doing well.   My work generally costs $125 per square foot plus an additional $2-$3 for each individual piece of glass.  This includes all design work, glass, solder, production materials, and zinc frames.  Estimates are always free!

Here’s a great US-based website describing the pricing process.